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Be safe on Facebook with Facecrooks

Great website to help you be safer on Facebook. Go to: facecrooks.com

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Social Security Number Misuse Prevention Act

Pass the Social Security Number Misuse Act bill
– Let’s make it law. This law would cut back on social security number usage; and even though there would be a financial cost, it is imperative to our future generations that we get these numbers minimally used and protected. It should be mandatory that all social security numbers be taken off Drivers Licenses throughout the country and never used as identification by businesses.

Establish clear federal standards for breached information
– The Data Accountability and Trust Act needs to be revised, making companies and financial institutions more accountable. No exceptions! Mass notification should be required in a timely manner! Why are institutions with inadequate security to begin with getting to decide if their breaches are significant enough for their customers to know they have been put at risk? No CEO is going to mention a problem if he/she doesn’t have to. Let the consumer decide if it is a serious issue. We are ultimately the ones cleaning up the mess.

Update the nation’s death registry – Implement precautions so that credit bureaus and government agencies don’t wind up issuing benefits to the deceased. We should stop grave-robbers. It is another way to protect the living.

Free protection for all, including:

All states should have ID theft registries with a toll free number and password to give to police officers and other officials.

Drivers’ licenses could have swipe identification, like credit cards, for banks to authenticate.

Passwords on bank and company accounts along with picture identification (if a customer wants these types of protection they should be able to get it).

No charge for extra verification coverage for new or existing accounts. Why should a consumer have to pay extra to be protected?

Federal mail keys and locks reissued across the country. Those keys and locks are old and need to be replaced.

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Social Security Number Misuse Prevention Act

Let your Congresspersons know you would like to see our Social Security Numbers more protected.Here’s the latest:

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Teens online is new challenge for parents

Recent statistics show most teens are using the Internet more than ever, and often in ways their parents do not know about:

  • 59%of teens said they know how to hide what they do online from their parents[1]
  • 73% of teens use social networking sites[2]
  • 75% view videos on video-sharing sites[3]
  • 62% use instant messaging[4]
  • 33%swap music and video files on file sharing networks like LimeWire or FrostWire[5]


I talked with expert, Tracy Mooney, McAfee Chief Cyber Security Mom, who explained to me a new product McAfee developed to help parents communicate online safety and help kids stay safer online. The product is the McAfee Family Protection 2.0. I am impressed by its intelligence and I think a great “wave” to our Internet future.

Basically, McAfee Family Protection is trying to help families set age-appropriate limits on usage and content without blacklisting every questionable site. Hulu, for example, can be filtered based on a show’s specific rating, instead of just disallowing the site altogether.

Some of the features include:

  • Age-Appropriate Settings
  • Filtering for Internet TV, Music and Online Games
  • Search Engine Integration
  • Enhanced Remote Device Management
  • Email Activity Reports
  • Encrypted website blocking
  • Program blocking
  • Time limits
  • Email blocking
  • Instant email or text alerts
  • Social network and YouTube filtering

View the Slideshow (lefthand side) within this article to get an inside peak.

For more information: http://home.mcafee.com/store/family-protection

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