Meet Karen


Will be appearing in Woman’s World Magazine February 17th weekly issue


Appeared on Ricki Lake Show and Investigative Discovery’s Karma to continue to bring awareness to the identity theft issue


Adviser – Experian IDS Advisory Council, helping improve identity theft awareness to industry, individuals, and families


Advocacy Campaign – Speaking awareness and education against identity theft and fraud. Continues to appear on various local radio and television programs for identity theft and fraud awareness.


SF identity theft Council – Spokesperson and advocate – working with the Our goal is to make a difference around the issues of identity theft helping law enforcement and victims.Help out by being a counselor and get FREE identity theft protection!

San Francisco Examiner – Blogger for the SF with a focus on cybercrime and identity theft.


Author of Working with Your Bank If You’re an Identity Theft Victim for a source for news, videos and information about identity theft and data breaches – updated every day.

Founder, author, and consumer advocate for identity theft protection website and blog.


Appeared on the Montel Williams Show to advocate identity theft protection. Her story appeared in Reader’s Digest and Family Circle around the globe. Q&A with Investors Business Daily.


Her story first appeared on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle in 2007 .

She also appeared on numerous radio and television, including: Good Morning America, NPR, CNN, and Glamour magazine to advocate identity theft and fraud awareness.


Women’s Intercultural Network-California Women’s Agenda (WIN-CAWA) – Art Director and Designer for major marketing collateral pieces – Author of mission statement and Editor for annual business plan – Author of theme statement for the annual International Women’s Day Forum – Consultant on Marketing Committee for Women’s Day Annual Conference (e.g. bios, press releases, website development, PR)


World Affairs Council, Young Professionals International Forum – Produced and Emceed Stand-up Comedy fundraising eventwhichgrossed largest sales prior to 2003 – Produced children’s storytelling program – Co-Produced Middle Eastern Art showcase


  • Individual Artist Recognition Award, Arts Services Council, Inc.
  • Kathy Fettke FM radio, Writing Competition Winner
  • Winner of Toastmasters SF Area International Speech Competition
  • APL Limited Star Program, Recognition Award
  • Federal Order of Police, Meritorious Certificate

Press Kit (PDF format)

Karen has been a creative consultant, speaker, performer and writer for the past 17 years. It began with a degree in Theater and Film.

She started out as a scenic artist for Universal Studios and Nickelodeon which was basically a glorified carpenter. Although she fought long and hard for the opportunity to work in the film industry she couldn’t take being covered in lacquer and dirt 24/7. So she decided to return to school for a Fine Art degree, and majored in Drawing and Painting. A slight detour into pre-med classes turned out to be helpful for drawing human and animal forms (from the inside out!), and her love for the creative process brought her back to Fine Art.

She graduated with the hopes of working as a “real” artist (ah, dreams of a studio, gallery exhibits, and fame!), but the demand for graphic art was increasing. Her plan was to work as an artist; not starve as one, so she began her career in graphic art as a graphic designer for small advertising and printing firms. She received extensive training; her drawing ability allowed her to pursue opportunities as a technical illustrator. During this time, she learned an interesting thing called “html”.

She moved to San Francisco in 1997 and quickly was recruited into the dotcom craze. Her career path went from graphic design to writing. Her urges to get back to her theater roots lead her to new creative outlets; she chose stand-up comedy. None of her family or friends were surprised at her interest in comedy, they have accused her of being “naturally funny” (they’ve been laughing at her for years!). She landed an agent and was discovered by the terrific John Cantu, who took her under his wing to teach her the art of humorous speaking. He said she had a spark, a nature charm for the stage, and heck she could even be hilarious on occasion!

So how did all this lead to her present day life, as a cybercrime and identity theft specialist? Was it the love she had for crime-solving shows? She thinks it started there, but when she was a victim of identity theft her life has never been the same. When her bank didn’t help her, when the police said they didn’t have the resources, and the courts had no choice but to let her thief go with a criminal record a mile long; She decided to take matters into her own hands. So, she did her own research and “legwork” to get a handle on this crime. Best of all she trusted her instincts and captured her identity theft.

Now, she is diligent in providing awareness to help those who have become victims and to help those before they become a victim. Her work here is not done until she sees a change, because three years later she still reads how prevalent the crime is. It’s like it has become normal practice to be fraudulent and criminal. White collar crimes are on the rise, and victims are still baring the burden.