Easily train developers on secure coding best practices

New threats and cybersecurity risks are being developed and conceived of every day. With cybersecurity threats on the rise, companies look to their developers as a first line of defense when it comes to application security. Without proper security, hackers … continue reading

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Be safe on Facebook with Facecrooks

Great website to help you be safer on Facebook. Go to: facecrooks.com

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Social Security Number Misuse Prevention Act

Let your Congresspersons know you would like to see our Social Security Numbers more protected.Here’s the latest:

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Tips for working with your bank, if you’re an identity theft victim

In 2006, my bank provided an identity thief posing as me, debit card approval through an unauthorized phone number. Within a few days, the thief wiped out my checking account, stealing $8,000.00 before I realized what happened. For six months, … continue reading

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