Cyber Crime

Be safe on Facebook with Facecrooks

Great website to help you be safer on Facebook. Go to:

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Teens online is new challenge for parents

Recent statistics show most teens are using the Internet more than ever, and often in ways their parents do not know about: 59%of teens said they know how to hide what they do online from their parents[1] 73% of teens … continue reading

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Password tips and techniques

Change passwords regularly. It is recommended changing passwords at least once a month and not reusing passwords. Use different passwords for each of your social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. You don’t have to keep┬áchanging passwords for every … continue reading

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Sex offenders online, who is responsible

of the authorities going after the man who solicited sex photos them from her, a 14-year-old New Jersey girl has been accused of online child pornography. She was stupid yes, but a registered sex offender? A growing trend is prosecuting … continue reading

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