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Family Court Injustice to Children?

Can you imagine abandoning one of your children? Deciding the one that fights back needs to go away, go live with dad? So, instead of simple supporting and letting dad try to get the kid under control, you fight for … continue reading

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Maryland Family Court corrupt

It is hard to believe that Maryland family court is so corrupt. You would think a department of law and justice such as family courts would have the family’s best interest, but they do not. It is a racket meant … continue reading

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US Family Court another form of slavery

Slavery is alive and well in the 21st century. Sadly, there are workers, children, women, and men who are enslaved in this world forced to give up their bodies, health and freedom for the needs of the greedy and pathetic. … continue reading

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Handy resources for avoiding fraud

Thanks to Caroline Hampton of, I have a list of resources to help when dealing with fraud. In today’s climate fraudulent behavior seems to be the norm from the bullying neighbor to the corrupting scammer. I think these links … continue reading

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