A court’s injustice to children?, part 2

The judge dismissed the PO against the defendant. She had been vindicated of the false accusations of abusing a child. She watched in horror as the child’s birth mother rejected her daughters pleads for love. The judge sympathized with the child’s birth father, with the simple statement, “I get it.” Yet, still couldn’t make any recommendations for a hurting daughter and a mother’s refusal to care for her. This person who exclaimed in front of the courtroom, “Keeping my daughter, just doesn’t fit into my family dynamics.” This mother allowed her daughter to be taken in hand cuffs to a hospital after the daughter told the judge she would kill herself or run away if her mother didn’t take her.

Everyone except for this mother seemed to be heartbroken. “I wanted to go over to that child even knowing she hated me, I would have hugged her and said, I want to help you. Your father loves you as any loving father can. We will all do better, come home with us,” the defendant explained.

But the child has been poisoned by a mother’s endless jealousy and hatred, leading the kid on for months with false promises and the soulless desire to destroy her ex-husband’s life. A dysfunctional predicament the new wife is a part of, not the cause of, yet hit with all the blame. The child used as a weapon. Both she and the kid are caught in the middle of a futile war.

This mother still hung up on revenge stated in the court that since the PO didn’t remove the woman, she’d have to file criminal charges, which could be concluded as either a threat or forewarning?

“I am still haunted by a mortified young girl’s pleads for her mother,” the defendant explained. “It sent a flashback to my soul. Remembering, when I was six years-old leaving the house too quickly for school. I forgot to kiss my mom goodbye. With everyone rushing to school, my mom told me to just get to school. I was so crushed, I cried all morning… As an adult, I realize the rejection it made me feel, even though I got many more kisses later… The hurt was somehow still there. I can only image the hurt of this poor child.”

The child still sits in a hospital some weeks later. The mother refusing to take her and the child refusing to go with her dad and stepmom. The doctors struck with a dilemma they have never seen before, a mother not wanting her child. With their combined 40 plus years experience, they have never seen a mother so unresponsive refusal to a daughter’s pleads. The doctors explained how usually parents want their children out of here as quick as possible. They also said the child clearly has been brainwashed by the mother.

The result of a mother’s selfish insanity, a child is robbed of her innocence. This adolescent child who is unable to deal with the complexities she has been handed without meltdowns like a two year-old. Children deserve to be children, shielded from adult jealousy and anger. Children need love and safety to live carefree until they are old enough to process adult emotions. A child deserves a parent’s love, above all else, to grow up successfully and thrive.

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