Family Court Injustice to Children?

Can you imagine abandoning one of your children? Deciding the one that fights back needs to go away, go live with dad? So, instead of simple supporting and letting dad try to get the kid under control, you fight for a release from custody which you are granted by the Family Court. Then, curiously you start working on the kid through the limited visitation you are willing to take, every Wednesday for 3 hours and every other Saturday, but never over night?

After not caring for visitation for over a year, it starts after the custody change. The kid starts coming back to her father’s place more defiant and angry. Throwing vulgar insults like a drunken sailor. He’s not able to control the child. Now both mother and child want father alone and her gone, destroyed is how it has been presented.

“… Just remember how inferior you are to me…. how disappointed your whole family must be… You are the cause of all destruction and create it all for yourself and everyone around you. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and crawl into a hole and live out your miserable existence so the sun can shine again for everyone you affect… YOU ARE NOTHING and you leave no legacy except that of destroyer of lives, homewrecker… go away, you will never matter at all here,” the mother ranted in an email.

So you get accused of child abuse. Police are being called, false accusations are being made, POs requested that CPS are investigating. The father and his new partner got slapped with a temporary PO because of a mother’s malice. All while, they have been contributing to doctors, therapist, the school, county programs to help the kid.

“Ask my kids about the song we made up… it goes like this…. If you’re a felon and you know it clap your hands (stop and listen for faint clapping in the distance), if you’re a felon and you know it clap your hands (stop and listen for faint clapping in the distance), If you’re a felon and you know it, here is one way you can show it, is hit a cop and get a trip to jail…  And than it just repeats… and we laugh!!” the mother continued.

Mom contributes the spread of hate while keeping her child’s desperate pleads for her own mother at arm’s length. Sent her back to her father’s where she and her mother alleged abuse to the courts. Poor child. Confused child. Taking it out on everyone. Wouldn’t you covenant your child? Bubble wrap the world if you could? Take her into her birth home to care for her? Any mother, I have had the pleasure to know and allowed to be a part of their children’s growth, would never throw their children away. Maybe the threat of imposing military school or hospitalization becomes a necessary ‘tool’ for some awakening. Still, you don’t abandon your kids. You don’t abuse the system.

“MY kids despise you and will NEVER respect you, so you go and deal with it… AND remember I’m watching!!!” the mother finally proclaimed.

So why are Family Courts allowing this? Family Courts don’t care what is best for children. All this kid wants is her mother. Yet the courts forced her on dad simply because mom said she didn’t want the kid. Dad couldn’t handle the kid either, but the courts didn’t care of him. Her father working endlessly in his tiny one bedroom apartment that barely has room for himself; instead of the stay home mother’s given 5 bedroom house with her siblings. Meanwhile, the courts raped dad with even more child support for less kids. Who are the family courts really helping here? How does that help the only working person for a dependent family of five? Leaving one of his children and himself living paycheck to paycheck. Meanwhile a mother determined to remove the hope he has found in a generous woman.

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The mother in this story is Julie Garner of Rockville MD. This story is true. This email is real. The rest of the names have been protected due to the nature of this story

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