US Family Court another form of slavery

Slavery is alive and well in the 21st century. Sadly, there are workers, children, women, and men who are enslaved in this world forced to give up their bodies, health and freedom for the needs of the greedy and pathetic. The wretched who prey on human lives for monetary gains. This is happening to black men in the US privatized prison system. This is happening to young girls around the world sold for sex. And this is happening to all ex-husbands in the US Family Court system who are forced to support their exes, fully capable adults, for life.

Family Court enslaves fathers and ex-husbands to give up their earnings and livelihood to lazy vindictive women. Women who refuse to work blaming their lack of incentive on others. Women in their 40s with a few decades of potential career opportunities to not work. The opportunity for these women to build up independence, character and become good role-models for their children is not a priority to the courts.

Family Court doesn’t find character building and independence important qualities. They get mesmerised by the money. Family Court puts all the burden on hardworking ex-husbands. And the ex-wife gets to move on, live in a nice home (provided for by the ex) and the support of another live-in man as she continues to collect her ex’s earnings for life. She gets to live better than her ex, even though she isn’t working. She doesn’t have to contribute to her family, but he has to stay enslaved to her even after their children’s support is done.

She is an ugly woman who cackles “paycheck” announcing her ex’s new nickname. Laughing in her entitlement. Feeling she is good. Even though, she has never provided for their children. Sleeping until 4pm. Yelling and beating them down. She’ll never save for their college. She doesn’t buy them basic essentials. She doesn’t help in any way. She can’t even help with basic math for a school project. No she will suck up every last dime for herself. For her security. She doesn’t care about the future of her children. That is up to her ex and yet he has been left without the resources to do it. He is just a pay check even to the courts.

This ugly woman only cares about not working. Can you imagine the mentality? It is hard to believe someone could be so selfish. And even with all the resources to live comfortably for the rest of her life. She still has a need to spend her waking moments harassing her ex. Hacking into his accounts and destroying his credit. She loves to send rude and ugly text messages and emails proudly displaying her win on him. She can’t contain her contempt for herself. Yes, she is projecting her ugly self on to him, and any Enlightened human being understands this. She is so caught up in her ego that she projects her misery thinking she is being sly and smart. And the US Family Court system enables this kind of ugly.

He is planning to move back in with his parents to save money as he continues to get up every day and work for a pay check he never sees. If he doesn’t want his children homeless, he will have to do this. She has made this clear, she will not become a decent human being. She has no interest in being nice or compassionate. Our country rewards greedy lazy people like her. Character doesn’t matter. What a sick society capitalism has created.

Have we gotten so removed from our true selves that we enslave the good and enable the bad? The answer is yes. Family Court doesn’t see it that way. They see it as “monetary even-steven.” If you marry a women, try to give her a better life and opportunities, and then instead she just establishes a tyranny with abuse, a good man is vulnerable to being enslaved with lifetime alimony.

Stay married more than 20 years because first you have children and then you are afraid, you will be a slave to the system that is bias towards greed. You may have finally gotten your freedom and sanity away from the abuse, but you will be a slave to a greedy lazy woman. The years of abuse won’t matter, the years of destruction won’t matter you still have to pay, preferably by check.

The US Family Court system cast a blind eye to abused men who are the only productive hard working individuals for the family. The courts are not friendly to men, even for the best character man and father. The only man that fairs well in Family Court has a lot of money and is out for blood. Good fair men become enslaved for life.

US Family Court loves mean vindictive people, because this means more court time and a lot more money pouring into the system. They don’t care about what is best for children. They don’t care who is being unreasonable. They don’t see the lies. It is simply a money making interest that has no regard for what is best for a family that is splitting into two. In the end, all they do is draw a line down “the supposed middle” buying into the most deceitful lawyer and vindictive client. Depleting the only one who is bringing in an income. The only one with a good heart. The only one who can enhance his children’s future.

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