Identity thief vs. bully

There is pure evil in the world. I thought when I became a victim of identity theft it was the worst monstrosity ever, a never ending financial drain. And it sucked my life for a year, and then I dealt with some Posttraumatic stress, because I confronted her and chased her and tore apart the mail ring that she was a part of; and then of course they were all set free. It doesn’t bother me so much. Now, that I’ve experienced and am experiencing being bullied and it is a far worse crime. It’s living with terror for your safety daily. Much different identity theft, financial terror, than physical terror. As I watch the bully destroy others with no instant way to stop the injustice. It is almost unbearable and hard to live with. But I have a strong heart for justice and I don’t rollover. I “chase” you down bully, I catch you, and then I tear you apart.

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