My Bully has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

“The BPD individual, typically a female (yes, that is documented) is one whose mental state renders her a significant emotional, psychological and often physical danger to anyone in her life, and in particular men with whom she becomes involved romantically.” Or the women who come into their exes lives, which has been my case. I met my soulmate and his last relationship has BPD.

So, I wanted to help warn anyone, especially men, that BPD people are very dangerous people. Their agenda is to be mean, evil, and destroy because they enjoy it. “And one other thing must be incorporated into your understanding of the BPD. They are in total control of what they are doing.  There is no organic factor or deficit in self control that causes what they do. Their acts are willful and premeditated. They comprehend the difference between right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, truth and lies, reality and fantasy.” They just don’t care. They love seeing others suffer in pain. And if they manage to destroy another as they laugh about it, throw themselves a party. Another person’s misery brings a BPD pure joy.

“Any notion that they cannot help their actions, which you will most frequently hear from BPD’s or the unscrupulous clinicians who profit from their condition by helping them rationalize their behavior, is completely fraudulent.”

They know what they are doing and they enjoy it!”

“Given the absolute potential for devastation that the BPD brings into the lives of anyone unfortunate enough to be in their path, it is pretty important to understand the prognosis for their condition. There is no psychotropic medication that treats BPD and there is no known cognitive therapy that works with them. In short, they have an intractable condition that is impervious to treatment of any kind. They cannot be helped near as much as they can be avoided…”

“There is a running joke among psychiatric professionals about BPD’s. And yes, we told jokes about serious problems. It is one of the ways clinicians deal with the stress of working with them.  Anyway, it’s a simple one-liner.”

“You don’t treat borderlines, you ignore them. Get away from them!”

Go directly in the other direction. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.00. Just get thee…away; chalk whatever losses you suffer up to experience and be grateful about what you could have lost.”

Hear this, and hear it clearly. They are NOT going to get better. Ever! There is nothing you can do, no kindness you can extend, no sympathy you can embrace, no psychological slight-of-hand, nor the culmination of wisdom from your entire life’s experience that you can bring to bear to make a BPD anything other than a major, life draining pain in the ass and a potential nightmare waiting to destroy everything you have, inside and out.”

–credit for this article goes to: Paul Elam an author and founder of “A Voice for Men”,

The mother in this story is Julie Garner of Rockville MD. This story is true. The bullying is real. The rest of the names have been protected due to the nature of this story.

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