No Justice for victims enduring bullies

Today a victim of bullying was in court as Plaintiff vs. the Monster with the presiding Judge I-Don’t-Care. The Plaintiff was seeking a Protection Order (PTO) against the Monster for 8 months of relentless bullying. The Plaintiff had evidence, that could reach the top of Mount Rushmore, no pun intended, of constant threats and stalking in both her personal and cyber life. The Monster has been threatening Plaintiff’s family too! Monster lied under oath, stating she didn’t know Plaintiff.

The injustice is the Plaintiff’s story wasn’t heard because Monster brought a lawyer. Plaintiff didn’t have a lawyer. Monster’s lawyer, the other Monster, interrupted the Plaintiff continuously, lied under oath also, and Judge allowed this behavior to happen. In the end, he listened to ranting lies versus seeking truth.

Courts in the U.S. seem to be a joke. Justice, these days, seems to be lost. He made his decision based on no physical harm. Two women fighting, bullying, cat fight, harmless, erotic, or something like that. His only concern was whether the Plaintiff was on the lease of where the bullying happened. My question, “Are you on the lease at a grocery store or on the street? What about the office building or restaurant?” Seems anyone can harass you unless you’re on the lease.

Bullying and stalking anywhere is illegal, immoral, and just plain wrong last I checked! He dismissed all of the cyber harassing, all the uninvited trespassing, and the stealing and destruction of property. Monster laughed afterwards promising Plaintiff she is making a career out of bullying her with the intent on destroying. Just so you know, Monster is 5 foot, 160 pounds of cankles and bulbous fat, even after $30,000.00 in liposuction surgery, with skunk-streaked blond hair . She was born on July 13th, Friday the 13th, how ironic.

Just so you will know, Plaintiff has hundreds of documentation and messages from Monster that Monster will get Plaintiff. And the Plaintiff was granted no protection except for the hopes of filing again – dismissed without prejudice. “What until Monster really hurts you before we will take you seriously.” was my conclusion. Meanwhile, Monster continues to be a monster.

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