Beware of the criminal hiding behind God

A woman is harassing, stalking, and stealing from her ex-husband.These offenses are coming from a woman who claims she is a woman of God. He had to flee the home for his own safety and escape the years of living in hell.

Men are victimized just like women but hardly does it get the attention it deserves. Let’s get this stated, under federal and state laws harassment, stalking, and stealing are criminal offenses!

She has stolen this man’s identity on several occasions and has managed to steal tens of thousands of dollars from him. She is not only stalking and harassing him, but she regularly stalks and harasses his family (siblings, parents) and anyone who has come into this man’s life (friends, co-workers). She has gone as far as hiring a PI to spy on him along with his family and friends.

He has received thousands upon thousands of threats from her through emails, phone calls, text messages, and when there has to be physical contact. She has hit him in the past. She managed to get him fired from his job. He had to go because of all the harassment his boss and fellow co-workers were enduring. She has stolen stuff from his new residence. She has said on many occasions she is out to get this man and ruin his life. Stating she will get all his money, he will have nothing when she is through. “Let’s Play!” she cackles.

She has destroyed most of his belongings that were in the home, since he had to leave with nothing but the shirt on his back. His stuff now laying in waste in the basement while she lies to their kids, “Your father did it, I’m not cleaning it up!” Unfortunately the kids are being brainwashed constantly buying into her hate, anger, and lies. Their dad has to reinforce the truth every time they are with him, but once they go back to this woman the brainwashes ensues and somehow she manages to persuade them into complete confusion An endless cycle for him. This from a woman who claims to be a Christian!  She takes the kids to church Sundays with her new religious boyfriend. As a façade, perhaps for the “demons” that lurk inside.

This woman tells everyone God is working with her (not her husband) in a divine plan for her and her children. But then she quietly plots and tortures her ex-husband warning, “Bad people get what is coming to them!” He gave her a nice home. She got to be the stay home mother she always wanted, when most mothers have to work. And yet she never took care of the home or the children. He still had to hire a nanny and a maid. This mother found watching reality TV more useful of her time.

She has stated she thinks she is God. She says that since she has the ability to give birth, she is closer to God. After all, she has a healthy uterus. She must be special in God’s eyes. She says, “God gave me babies. anyone who doesn’t have children did something bad and God is punishing them by giving them a rotten uterus.”

The sadistic part of all this, she uses her children for her own deceit instead of loving them. She interrogates them to give up information about their father and then she uses the information to harass him and any friend he brings around his children. They are little spies for her. She is slowly turning them into the monster she is. She has great power over these little beings and she thrives on it.

It is clear to me she cares less about her children than she does about the power they give her over her ex. She boost her children are everything to her, but they really are not. She is everything to herself. She can’t even provide them with the basic necessities in life, like food. She doesn’t cook for them and she has sent them off to school without a lunch on many occasions. Can you imagine as a young person how vulnerable this would make you feel? She has absolutely no empathy. She just wants bragging rights like she is the best mommy. You may be a mother, but you are no mommy. Your children cry to their father, “She never does anything, dad! We don’t even know if we are going to have lunch for school.” Is this a woman who is coming from a place of God and Jesus? She thinks so.

She won’t allow the children to visit their own grandparents. While she talks a good talk about her own absent mother, she trashes his parents. His parents who have supported them regularly from the beginning. Now she lies and says they are bad people. She is wrong! Grandparents are God’s gift to children for their unconditional love they can give to grand-kids. Something children need for healthy development. The children are stunted in their emotional growth according to experts.

It’s so sad the court is not recognizing how sick this woman is towards her children. They have stated only that she is a compromised parent. This woman who isn’t nurturing or protecting of her children like a mom. She isn’t providing them with the emotional or mental support. a mom would do. Actually quite the opposite, she is poisoning them with a hateful and angry outlook on life. Every time they are with their father they are all confused and angry until he manages to turn them around. My hope is he will always have this positive loving influence on them. His biggest fear is that they will turn out to be just like their mother!

For information on bullying and stalking click here.

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