Teens online is new challenge for parents

Recent statistics show most teens are using the Internet more than ever, and often in ways their parents do not know about:

  • 59%of teens said they know how to hide what they do online from their parents[1]
  • 73% of teens use social networking sites[2]
  • 75% view videos on video-sharing sites[3]
  • 62% use instant messaging[4]
  • 33%swap music and video files on file sharing networks like LimeWire or FrostWire[5]


I talked with expert, Tracy Mooney, McAfee Chief Cyber Security Mom, who explained to me a new product McAfee developed to help parents communicate online safety and help kids stay safer online. The product is the McAfee Family Protection 2.0. I am impressed by its intelligence and I think a great “wave” to our Internet future.

Basically, McAfee Family Protection is trying to help families set age-appropriate limits on usage and content without blacklisting every questionable site. Hulu, for example, can be filtered based on a show’s specific rating, instead of just disallowing the site altogether.

Some of the features include:

  • Age-Appropriate Settings
  • Filtering for Internet TV, Music and Online Games
  • Search Engine Integration
  • Enhanced Remote Device Management
  • Email Activity Reports
  • Encrypted website blocking
  • Program blocking
  • Time limits
  • Email blocking
  • Instant email or text alerts
  • Social network and YouTube filtering

View the Slideshow (lefthand side) within this article to get an inside peak.

For more information: http://home.mcafee.com/store/family-protection

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