How to prove you have been a victim of identity theft

Identity theft is stealing money and today you need to think of money as data either on paper or in cyberspace. Keep all documents and collect the paper trails in the real world and in the cyber world.

Get and keep all applications or other transaction records related to the theft of your identity. It will help prove you are a victim. For example, you may be able to show that a signature on an application is not yours.

Write letters–by law, companies have to give you a copy of all applications and other business transaction records related to your theft if you submit a letter in writing. Be sure to get the proper mailing address from them. There could be a charge after 30 days.

Give copies of all the documents related to your case to law enforcement, it may contain valuable information they can use. Also, have those businesses send copies to the law enforcement handling your case.

Those business can ask you for:
• Proof of your identity
• A police report and a completed affidavit from them or you can use the FTC’s Identity Theft Affidavit.

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