Password tips and techniques

Change passwords regularly. It is recommended changing passwords at least once a month and not reusing passwords.

Use different passwords for each of your social networking accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

You don’t have to keep changing passwords for every single site. For instance, the New York Times and other online magazines, since it won’t hurt too much if someone breaks into those.

Create strong passwords for those very important accounts—your online banking, your computer, your online bills, and your e-mails. Simple words and number strings are too easy for cybercriminals to uncover with password-cracking software. Use symbols or numbers in place of letters to make passwords more difficult to crack. For example, the password CYBERCRIME might be rendered as Cy&3RCr!m3.

Developing a complex passphrase is another option.

Step 1

Start with an original but memorable phrase. For example: I like to eat bagels at the airport and my first Cadillac was a real lemon so I bought a Toyota —just make sure it’s something you can remember without having to write it down. That’s the key!

Step 2

Turn your phrase into an acronym.

– I like to eat bagels at the airport = Il#3Ba#a

– My first Cadillac was a real lemon so I bought a Toyota! = M1stCw@rlsIb@T!

That’s it—you’re done.

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