PG&E’s smart meter security concern

A top cybersecurity firm recently tested 5 different brands of smart meters for vulnerabilities, and found that they all could be EASILY hacked into, allowing someone to remotely shut down your power, inflate your bills, tell if you’re out-of-town (making you a target for burglary), commit identity theft, or even bring down the whole electricity grid.

Once a smart meter is attached to a home, it can gather a lot more data than just how much electricity your family uses. It can tell how many people live in your house, when you get up, when you go to sleep and when you aren’t home! It can tell how many showers you take and the loads of laundry you do. How often you use the microwave. How much television you watch and what kind of TV you watch it on.

It’s technology that can pierce the blinds of your home which could lead to an invasion of consumer privacy. Law enforcement, government agencies and corporations, such as Microsoft and Google, already are have their eyes on all that data.

Consumers should be asking: How are they protecting our information? Who should have access, and what happens if it falls into the wrong hands?

Across the country 52 million smart meters will be installed by 2015, according to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission estimate.

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