Tips for organizing your identity theft case

Accurate and complete records will help you resolve your identity theft case more quickly.

  • Have a plan when you contact a company. Don’t assume that the person you talk to will give you all the information or help you need.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the representative, as well as information about your identity theft. Don’t end the call until you’re sure you understand everything you’ve been told. If you need more help ask to speak to a supervisor.
  • Write down the name of everyone you talk to, what he or she tells you, and the date the conversation occurred. Use the FTC’s Chart Your Course of Action worksheet for help.
  • Follow up in writing with all contacts you’ve made on the phone or in person. Use certified mail, return receipt requested, so you have proof what the company received and when.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence or forms you send
  • Keep original supporting documents, like police reports and letters, send copies only.
  • Set up a filing system for easy access to your paperwork
  • Keep old files even if you believe your case is closed because problems can crop up again.

For more help visit FTC’s tools page

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