New Trend in Cyber Crime: Unprecedented Rise in Identity Theft Related Searches

Tiversa yesterday announced the findings of a rise in identity theft-related searches in the fall of 2008, an overall increase of 32%. In the midst of the nation’s largest economic downturn since the Great Depression, Tiversa is finding evidence that identity thieves are continuing to find new ways to extract sensitive information to commit fraud on unsuspecting victims.

Criminal searches for sensitive information is on the rise, citing keywords related to personal banking log-ins, passwords, tax returns, credit card, account numbers, credit reports, and medical information.

At this time, more than ever before, consumers need to remain vigilant of their sensitive information. Identity Theft is estiimated at $56 billion dollars a year lost to victims and businesses. I believe it is more. Even still, we can’t afford these losses in a down economy.

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