identity theft

I recently got a phone call from a credit card company verifying that I requested a card on May 15th. I had not. The person I talked to verified my personal info including current address. This did not match what they had from a person that was trying to get a card in my name. Not only did this person have my name, but my SS# and most recent address prior to current. I have no idea how this person got my info. She listed her address as Decatur, GA. I do not live there, but did pass through there a week before she started applying for credit in my name. When I bought something I paid cash, so she didn’t get any bank card info, but if she has my social she could get my banking info too.

I was given the fraud alert numbers for the 3 credit bureaus which I immediately called; and ran my credit reports as well. I put out a fraud alert with all 3. In reading my credit reports I found that this person has tried to get credit cards with at least 8 companies. I was able to call some of them and make sure they were denied.

Is there anything else I need to do to stop this person before she does get approved for something in my name, or gets in to my bank account? I know I can get a security freeze with the credit bureaus, but isn’t that the same as putting out a fraud alert? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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